The Mitat story

Mitat Logo Stamp Stamp 2013





Professional Daydreamers!

“We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.”

Based in the Somerset West, Cape Town, since 2007,  is the small dedicated and creative talents of Marne and Elouise.  Together we form Mitat and this name has come to symbolise bespoke home décor products!!

Key to our focus, is our design and screen-printing of each piece of fabric. Hand printed fabrics differ from one piece to another and the many small variations bring an individuality to each item.

Simplicity and individuality are the key ingredients to Mitat – as we reach into the community for the most talented and gifted seamstresses, and to the finest and most skilled craftsmen.  Although Mitat designs all of its products, the skill, artisanship and love that is captured in each home decor product, is the result of the collective and creative effort of the community in which Mitat function.

Bespoke printing, colours and custom orders are welcomed too!

Inspired by life, created by hand!

See you at the studio!



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